All is not lost.

All is not lost.
All is not lost.

His mood was foul. What a shitty day it had been. The boss was an arse and his colleagues simply tongues bent on kissing it. Sam could not stand it any longer. What was the point?
A family of ingrates, a garden full of slush and a serious leak in the plumbing that meant a daily clean-up of piss-stinking effluent from the back of the downstairs toilet, didn’t exactly spare him from the shit-hole daily grind that was the office.
Foot down, rain, the last vestiges of a long, cold winter melting away slowly, he imagined another life. One involving lots of subservient oriental girls offering cocktails, snacks and blow-jobs on tap.
He’d been to Thailand the year before, with his wife and two children. Melanie had sat on the beach the entire time, while he wanted to actually experience the place, the culture, the temples and forests. The kids simply wanted to play pool and get steaming drunk and fraternize with the locals, quite contrary to his explicit orders due to the fact that they were still not of age… Zoe, 14 and Dan, 16 were your typical, rebellious, parent-hating teens, well into the British custom of binge drinking and making out. Sam of course felt powerless to stop it.
Zoe had already run away once, a year before after her pocket money was stopped and her boyfriend threatened with police action. She had been caught fumbling rather obviously in the back of Will’s car…
“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO DOING?” Sam had shouted at the top of his voice as he came in from work one evening…Had she been apologetic and humbled? Of course not! No, she had laid it on all high and mighty, like a spoilt princess… She was 13 for fuck’s sake!
Dan on the other hand had been a decent kid, right up until a few months earlier, when he got in with a bunch of losers in tracksuits and strangely positioned baseball caps which looked as though the breath from an asthmatic fly could dislodge them. Sam was sure he’d started smoking weed, and had seen a very rapid decline in manners and a rapid increase in rudeness, can’t-be-arsed-ness and sheer bloody-mindedness. Dan had been talking about the local technical college to further his interest in the sciences a year earlier, but now, now he wanted to become a plumber. “A fucking plumber!” Sam cursed to himself.

The rain beat down, Sam’s right foot pressed harder on the pedal, his hands gripped harder on the wheel. The headlights flashed past on the opposite side of the road, like smeared cocaine trails. A bridge approached in the distance. “Bollocks!”… Sam let go of the wheel.

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