Cozy Plush Animals for Kids: The Evolution of the…

Hot water bottles have been in use for centuries, but one of their main drawbacks has always been the chance that they could leak or burst under too much pressure. They are cumbersome to fill and there is always the chance of splashing water or burns while preparing a hot water bottle for use. For that reason, they were not generally recommended for use with young children. In response to those concerns, new products have recently been introduced to market, which address those specific concerns. Cozy plush animals were designed with children in mind, and have quickly become wildly popular.

Cozy plush animals are a range of microwaveable alternatives to the hot water bottle for children. Styled like a plush toy on the outside, the inner core of a cozy plush animal hats up after just a few minutes in the microwave and releases warmth for up to two hours afterwards. Heating should always be done by an adult, who should also check the heat level before handing the cozy plush animal to a child. A child's skin is sensitive, so a lower heat level than what an adult would use is appropriate. Allowed the cozy plush animal to cool for a few minutes after removal from the microwave allows any hotspots to cool down and the heat to distribute evenly.

Infused with french lavender, the animal gives off a pleasant scent that encourages sleep. The outer plush material is soft and cozy, reminiscent of fur. Children can snuggle in bed with their cozy plush animal and let the warmth and lavender scent gently lull them to sleep. The product can be cleaned by using a damp cloth to wipe it down and keep it free from germs. Portable, cozy plush animals can accompany children on sleepovers, long car rides, or vacations, providing warmth and comfort even while not at home.

Unlike hot water bottles, these heat-capable animal toys are flexible and soft. They can withstand the pressure of a child's hug and have no chance of leaking since they are not filled with water. In addition, the cozy plush animal can stay in bed with a child all night, without worry about what will happen if a child rolls over onto it while sleeping. During the summer months, it can be used as a simple plush toy that helps provide comfort at bedtime without the heat.

There are currently 18 different designs to choose from, so there is bound to be a cozy plush animal to suit the preference of almost any child. There are of course the traditional plush toy bears and puppies, but the product line includes a full range of whimsical creatures. Bumble bees, elephants, bunnies, frogs, cows, pigs, pandas, polar bears, and even hedgehogs are just some of the creatures available in different colors and designs. Recommended for children over three years of age, these cozy plush animals are small enough to fit in most microwaves, but large enough to cuddle and hug. They make a great child-friendly alternative to the traditional hot water bottle.

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