Help Kids Earn Money and Learn Responsibility

Parents are often stuck with saying "No" or giving in and fearing the lesson we are teaching the children. The constant questions from the kids of; "Can I have …? I really want …? Will you buy me …?" can get tiring and wear a family down. What if you could make a game of it learning the responsibility of earning money? Make earning money a family affair!

Even though kids are always begging for candy, toys, games, and whatever else their eyes see or their minds mind, there really is Good News! As they get older, their desires and desires can be turned into a great way of teaching them responsibility.

Depending on the age of your child, laws prohibit children from being employed under a certain age. Those laws are there for very good reasons. However, that does not mean there are not other ways for your child to earn some of their own money through their own efforts.

Although any venture with the kids does require parental assistance, the lesson the children will learn can be so huge! If they work to earn the extra niceties, it is far more likely they will sooner, rather than later, learn the true value of money.

lemonade / kool-aid / food stand- This has been a fun activity and a good way to earn money since we were little. All they have to do is make up some sort of beverage or some brownies and put up their little stand on the sidewalk in front of the house.

soda-can collecting- Most states have a recycle plant you can bring cans to and get a few cents a piece for them. Have them pick up cans around the house, or they can make a special trash can for everyone to put their soda cans in. You can also make a family day where the whole family goes and picks up cans at a park or any local public area. You would be helping the environment, teaching responsibility and helping them make a little money.

yard work- At whatever age you believe is safe, children can start shovel snow, rake leaves, mow, water flowers, pull weeds, etc. When they become good at the family lawn, have them try one of the neighbor's yard work. After awhile, they can do lawn chores for people around the community. This can be great money if they work hard.

babysit- If your child is the oldest and you have youngger children, let them babysit for you while you do household projects. When they get old enough and you are comfortable with their ability and experience, take short outings while you go to dinner. Again, with experience and ability, add a movie (it's a win-win!). If there are no younger siblings, let the neighbors know that you would like to help your child learn to babysit. Offer to have the neighbor child come to your home, under your supervision. Let the neighbor know that you will be there at all times but your child is practicing babysitting. Let them earn a little money while learning.

arts and crafts stand- Most kids have fun making arts and crafts, so why not make a little money for it? They can make greeting cards, bracelets, origami, pictures, or any other creative idea they can think of. Set up a little stand in front of your house. Kids know what other kids want and if they are good at it, let them sell their craft projects for 50 cents to their peers and neighbors.

pet sitting or walking- Let them start off with their own pets. Teach them the proper food and water responsibilities for the family pets. When they are more experienced and a little older, let them walk the pets, with you along. When you are comfortable, help them make a flyer for your neighbors announcing minor pet care. For a small fee, there will be neighbors who would definitely appreciate some help with their pets.

garage sale- All children grow out of their toys and typically they are just shoved in a closet somewhere. Why not gather them up and put on a little garage sale and make some other child happy they got a good deal on a toy? You will get your house decluttered why your child earned some extra money.

Of course prices are a big part of these little jobs and it's a great way to teach them a little bit about a business. It all depends on how good of a job they do and how much effort they put in to their project while they are experiencing the responsibility of having to work for money. Doing little jobs like these is an essential part of a kid's life and a window of their adult life.

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