How to Lower My Electric Bill – Here Are Some Way…

If you are rich or getting big bonuses from taxpayer stimulus money then you do not need to know how I lower my electric bill. If you are an average person who is suffering through this economic downturn this may be good information. It is probably stuff you already know but do you practice it? I know all of it but actually putting it into practice is not that easy. It is easy for me to do it but getting everyone in the house to do it is a different story.

I have 4 daughters and trying to get them to turn off lights and and do the things that need to be done to cut down on electric costs.

Some simple things I do and get my family to do to lower my electric bill are:

Turn off lights when you leave a room: even if you are only leaving the room for a couple of minutes. Sometimes a couple of minutes turns into a couple of hours.

Make sure you do full loads of laundry: My kids are good for this. They will do 1 top and a pair of jeans. This can cost you more on electric and water.

On nice days Hang laundry outside to dry: This will save you on electric and gas.

If you have a dishwasher cut down on it's use: Do dishes by hand a few times a week. This saves you water and electric. When I was a kid growing up me and my brothers and sister took turns doing dinner dishes every night.

Do not take showers until the hot water runs out: Get in get clean and get out. Do not stand in there and let the hot water run over you. It may feel good but what does it cost you to do this every day? This saves on gas and water.

If you are not watching TV turn it off: In lots of households the TV goes on in the morning and does not go off until late at night. Do not go to sleep with the TV on!

These are some of the things I do and make sure my family does to lower my electric bill. As you can see some things help lower other utility bills as well. There are some other things that I have been looking into and you should as well if you want to cut down on your electric bill.

I have been looking into green energy. Solar power and wind energy. It has been a very interesting journey. You can build solar panels and windmills for less than $ 200.00. Maybe you can not do enough solar panels all at once to power your whole house but just one or 2 running only a few things in your home will cut your electric bill. I am definitely going to go solar and wind power at my house to lower my electric bill.

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