Jaguar Mark II – 3.4 LITRE 1965 (4609)

Jaguar Mark II - 3.4 LITRE 1965 (4609)
Jaguar Mark II - 3.4 LITRE 1965 (4609)

Manufacturer: Jaguar Cars Limited, Coventry – UK
Type: Mark II – 3.4 LITRE
Engine: 3442cc straight-6 (DOHC aluminum Jaguar XK6 3.4-Litre 1st series)
Power: 210 bhp / 5.500 rpm
Speed: 193 km / h
Production time: 1960 – 1968
Production outlet: 28,660
Curb weight: 1513 kg

– The MK II was based on the MK I, but with improvements to the design (a larger greenhouse, larger side and rear windows, an updated grille, fitted fog lamps, a wider rear track without the full fender skirts, and standard four-wheel disc brakes), modern materials and a completely redesigned interior.
– This 4-door Saloon has a four-speed manual Moss gearbox, twin SU HD6 carburettors ,a 12-Volts electric system, a 55 liter fuel tank, black plush leather upholstery, tachometer, reclining front seats and rear wheel drive.
– The chassis with steel unibody has a 107,5 inch wheelbase, wood veneer dash and interior trim, fold-down trays for the rear passengers, power steering, independent coil spring suspension at the front, cantilever semi-elliptic leaf spring suspension at the rear, a 4 HA type rear axle, limited-slip differential, 185 HR 15 tires and 11.3 inch servo-assisted disc brakes all round.
– A Borg Warner Detroit-Gear three-speed automatic gearbox, an overdrive Laycock-de-Normanvillefive-speed manual gearbox, anti-roll bar kid, Derrington steering wheel, reverse light, Everflex vinyl roof and whire wheels were optional.
– The Mark II Series was available as 2.4-LITRE (1960-1967), 3.4-LITRE (this one) and as 3.8-LITRE (1960-1967).
– A Mark II – 2.4-LITRE with steel wheels and Everflex vinyl roof driven by fictional TV detective Inspector Morse (John Thaw) became well known.

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