Now Children Can Ride a Bike Without Training Whe…

I think I can remember that when my parents removed the training wheels from my bike, it took me a while to learn control and I got many bruises trying to learn the balance.

I thought there was no other way to control balance than driving a trike then a bicycle with training wheels and then without.

I have 2 kids, the older has a standard bike with training wheels and the youngest a trike. They love being outdoors and enjoy their bicycles a lot.

I clicked on the ad and there in their website that they promised "no training wheels" "teach balance from day one".
We decided to get it and bought 2 balance bikes, we were amused, we thought the smallest will never be confident to glide with the balance bike but she taught the basic principles even sooner than my oldest. (probably it has to do with the fact that he has been riding a regular bike with training wheels for some months now, but he improved very fast)

Here is some information I came across with the facts about balance bikes:

A balance bike does not have pedals, crankset or a chain.
Balance bikes are sometimes recognized as runner bikes, walker bikes, trainer bikes or toddler bikes.
They say a balance cike can be used for kids from 1.5 years and up, but in my opinion is too early.
They begin pushing the bike along with their feet and then when they get speed, they glide while lifting the feet off the ground.

Kids control balance at the beginning, and then to pedal, contrast to standard bikes with training wheels where they acquire to pedal initially and then balance.

If you are purchasing for a young kid, the seat must be low enough for the children to contact the ground with their feet.

For older children, the seat needs to be capable to go high enough so they feel comfortable enough to be able to push the bike along, rather than have their knees up to their elbows.

There are wooden bikes with a retro look, but you can find metal balance bikes sometimes cheaper. I certainly recommend it for little kids so they will control balance and will ride a bike without training wheels quickly.

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